It is hard to imagine that the party island of Ibiza actually has a history. However, mans presence here (which with neighbouring Formentera forms the Pitiusa islands, from the Greek, meaning pines) goes back as far as the Bronze Age. In the 8th century the islands became the most Eastern point of Al-Andalus, or Islam Spain. In more recent times, its clear waters and fine beaches, together with its nightlife, have made the island a leisure paradise.

CLIMATE: Off the Mediterranean coast of Valencia, Ibiza enjoys fine weather from April through to November.
ACCOMMODATION: Ibiza is a very popular holiday destination attracting some top end clients. Consequently, the island boasts some very fine hotels, from resort based establishments to very fashionable 5-star exclusive retreats, such as Na Xamena.

CUISINE: The cuisine here features the local seafood. There are also many internacional restaurants on the island.