incentives mallorca

iVents is born in 2003, with a team that has years of experience organising important happenings. The international variety in the team makes it possible to have for each client a perfect partner in iVents.

An incentive, a meeting, a congress, the core always is a message, a goal a client wants to communicate. We speak and listen to our clients to get that message as our main goal. Then we focusing on places, programs and communication that emphasize those goals.

We are always scouting new places, hotels, venues or activities, therefore we are able to offer the latest and the newest settings. Our binding to the local people and places, opens doors for your clients, giving opportunities that sometimes even are hidden for the normal tourist.

New products, car launches, international press, we know how important it is to go beyond a smooth organisation, always taking two steps ahead to be able to react immediately at the unforseen